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» Solutions » Products and Services » Sterilizers » Material Handling for Retort Systems

Material Handling for Retort Systems

JBT FoodTech designs complete shelf-stable food lines with fillers, closers, sterilizers and material handling systems. Material handling systems are automatic container handling solutions for flexible and semi-rigid containers.

Our handling solutions are designed to take the products as they come out of your existing capper/seamer/sealer and gently and precisely place them into the trays for retort processing. We offer reliable, proven solutions for handling difficult to pick up or hold containers, containers that allow no mass accumulation, require gentle conveying or are difficult to group or position and require special positioning for proper processing. In combination with our range of static and SuperAgi batch retorts, these automatic loading/unloading systems allow JBT FoodTech  to offer single-source, turn-key sterilization solutions for the high speed sterilization of flexible and semi-rigid containers in static or agitating mode.

Standard Features

  • Tray stacking and de-stacking
  • Purpose designed systems to adequately space and align packages and position packages under manipulator
  • System to pick up packages: suction cups, mechanical grippers, differential pressure (Delta P)
  • Robotic manipulator to load and unload trays

Key Options

  • Automatic conveying of pallets and trays between loader and unloader (optional)
  • Basket/Pallet tracking systems for product traceability

Types of containers

  • Semi-rigid to fully flexible shape (from bowls to pouches)
  • Limited or no ability to support external loads (typically packed in carton sleeves or trays)
  • Accommodate little or no pressure differential during processing (pressure equalization through volume change)
  • Withstand little or no abuse in handing

Tray Design

JBT FoodTech can design trays which allow proper steam and water flow for good thermal processing, maximize capacity of the retort, avoid damage to the containers during handling and processing, for both static and rotating sterilization. These trays provide for consistently successful pick up by the robot and are able to use RFID for pallet tracking through the handling and sterilization process.

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