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With JBT FoodTech's TwinTecTM filling and closing has never been so simple. The two-in-one system drastically cuts commissioning time, saves factory space, eliminates the need of complex synchronization, and reduces change-over time. TwinTecTM: Simplicity is Perfection.

  • TwinTecTM "two-in-one" Benefits:

TwinTec 3D

The combination of a filler and closer in one footprint has the following advantages:

- Installation, start-up and commissionong time are drastically reduced.
- Saves valuable factory space.
- Redudes training costs.
- The complex synchronization between filler and seamer is not required anymore.
- The reliability of the can transfer is dramatically improved by short and direct can transfer.

  • Gentle can handling:

Can damage and product spill are minimized by the large diameter infeed turret to the filler and simple, short and direct can transfer from filler to seamer.

  • Easy change-over:

TwinTec height adjustment

TwinTecTM sets new standards in can format and product change-over time. Easy, step-less one-point container height adjustment on filler and seamer is standard. For piston filler and unifiller step-less one-point volume adjustment is also standard. Motorized height and volume adjustment of filler and seamer are optional. Furthermore, the reduced number of can diameter change parts further cuts machine down time for can format change-over.

  • Revolutionary Sanitary Design:

The TwinTecTM technology sets new standards in hygienic design and machine cleanability. All product contact surfaces are executed in stainless steel or non-corrosive material. The filling and seaming stations are positioned on one single stainless steel sanitary bottom plate with large drainage channels and a single drainage point. Full-length stainless steel sanitary guards with integrated cable trunking and large doors give easy access to an open, easy-to-clean construction. Food safety is further enhanced by the elimination of an external transfer section between filler and seamer and by 50% reduction in transfer time. Furthermore all exposed surfaces are executed in stainless steel or non-corrosive materials. The drastic reduction of dead spots and crevices results in an easy-to-clean hygienic machine. Wash-in-place is available as an option.

  • Low and Easy Maintenance:

TwinTec interior

Direct, integrated filler-seamer transfer requires few parts and eliminates the complexity of conventional hook-up. This translates into less wear, lower maintainance cost and less down-time. Smooth transfer means less spillage and product loss. Our standard flow-through oil lubricated seamer and centralized filler grease nipples allow for improved lubrication of the machine. Fully automatic lubrication and oil recovery system are available as options. The benefits are reduced maintenance and improved reliability.

The single integrated machine guarding provides easy access to all machine parts.

The TwinTec's heavy duty-construction with one single heavy-duty drive, one solid steel frame and stainless steel bottom plate and heavy-duty bearings gives it extra long life and reliability, reduced down-time and maintenance cost.

  • Easy Supervision:

Large stainless steel doors give perfect overview of machine operation. Furthermore grouped can infeed and can discharge facilitate its supervision. A full set of PLC-based controls with touch-screen offer enhanced information about machine status, production data, alarms and interventions as well as maintenance. Rempote machine diagnostics are available through modem or high-speed connection.

  • Reduced Noise:

Because our machine has less moving parts, a simplified drive and transmission as well as gears below the frame or in the top housing and is fully enclosed; it ranks heighest in the industry in terms of operator comfort and safety.

  • Optional Line Control:

TwinTec layoutSensors monitor upstream and downstream can flow. The machine speed is automatically adjusted and an automatic can stop can be opened and closed. The machine only stops with cans under the fill stations or in seaming stations in case of emergency stop. This improves the fill accuracy and improves the line efficiency.

  • Small Footprint:

The reduced can spacing and one-frame concept lead to a compact design. This means up to 50 % of floor space savings.

  • Layout Flexibility:

JBT FoodTech's TwinTec can be adapted to suit a number of different layouts.

TwinTec flows

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