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JBT FoodTech has incorporated more than 50 years of seaming expertise in the X-52 Series. Power-driven lifter plates and seaming spindles, non-interlocking seaming rolls, low lift cam, disengaging second operation, single-screw cover feed and a selection of long-life and low-lube seaming tools are just a few examples of the state-of-the-art seaming technology.

  • Reliability:

Based on good, simple and robust design, the X-52 Series seamers have become famous in the industry for their reliability and operating efficiency.

  • Flexibility:

All X-52 models can be specially equipped for can heights from 25 to 300 mm and can diameters from 42 to 156,5 mm. Standard heights are 51-190 mm and diameters 51-108 mm. These seamers can seam even sophisticated cans and covers.

  • Stainless Steel Execution:

For improved machine sanitation the X 52-series is standard executed with a solid stainless steel base and infeed table; all parts below the tinline are in stainless steel or other non-corrosive material. A wash-in-place (WIP) system can facilitate the machine cleaning.

  • Operator Safety:

Full length, electrically interlocked, stainless steel guards are integral part of the machine. All JBT FoodTech machines are conform to the CE safety regulations.

  • Easy Accessibility:

Large, electrically interlocked doors are designed for easy accessibility for maintenance, machine adjustment and change over.

  • Low Noise:

The totally enclosed design, with all top gears running in an oil bath, contribute to significant reduction of noise level.

  • Low spillage:

Reduced diameter lifter plates and low lift cam minimize spillage.

  • Easy maintenance:

Robust design, combined with easy access to all major assemblies reduces down time and cost for maintenance.

Seaming rolls     CX-52 Series side view



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