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JBT FoodTech's tuna-specific two-phase cycle and innovative design allow our XL-Series Tuna Oiler/Briner to have exceptional headspace control while maintaining the best product quality. Here are some of the benefits of this product:

  • Accurate headspace control:

Our two-phase fill cycle ensures that air is effectively and consistently removed from the container during the high-vacuum phase. The second phase controls the liquid velocity into the container avoiding damage to the tuna tablet. A vacuum system control module with standard no-vacuum-no-fill feature is integrated in the filler control system.

  • Flexible Cycle:

Our filling cycle is fully adjustable to ensure maximum product and container flexibility.

  • Easy cleaning/maintenance:

Externally mounted valves make hard and extensive maintenance a thing of the past. These valves are fully adjustable for fast headspace adjustment.

  • Operating efficiency:

Spring laded lifters maintain constant pressure between the container and the sealing pad and allow minimum can damage. This allows for easy can height adjustment as well. Our heavy duty off-center lifters and large diameter infeed turret allow for optimum control of can transfer to seamer while minimizing product spillage, container damage ands noise.

  • Improved sanitation:

Our self-draining conical bowl without any internal valves allows for improved sanitary features.

  • Central can height adjustment:

With its central can height adjustment system, JBT FoodTech's Tuna Oiler/Briner allows for easy change-over to other can sizes.

  • Independent vacuum system:

Our independent vacuum system is comes fully quipped with water-cooled pumps for all types of liquids, vacuum control, accumulation tank and our no-vacuum-no-fill system.

  • Rotary coupling:

The use of a rotary coupling to the vacuum accumulation tank avoids the formation of cloudy oil and allows the recuperation of the oil, brine or sauce.  

  • Special tuna nozzle:

Our specially engineered tuna nozzle directs oil or water away from the tuna tablet, minimizing product damage.

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