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Customer Support & Service

We’re with you right down the line, ready to help you prosper. Read more...

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At JBT FoodTech we pride ourselves in helping our clients resolve any challenges that they encounter. Here are some examples where JBT FoodTech has walked that extra mile for our customers:

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  • Flexible line design:

When our customers have problems, JBT FoodTech is ready to help them find a solution. We were approached by a customer who was having issues with different recipes. The problem originated from the fact that each recipe required a different piece of equipment, a filler in this case. Depending on the type of soup, a granular filler, a piston filler and a vacuum filler were needed.  JBT FoodTech's sales team realized this and the problem was submitted to our engineers. A flexible line design was created that enabled our client to literally "switch" from one equipment configuration to the other.  

  • Innovating solutions:

JBT FoodTech was one of the first to develop the no-can-no-fill system for its Granular Fillers. This state-of-the art system enables the filler to start its filling cycle only when a can is present. This virtually eliminated product spillage and waste and has since then become a standard for fillers all around the world.

  • Food Lab Simulations:

For  years JBT FoodTech has been exceeding expectations in terms of client service and assistance. Our Food Lab is fully equipped with pilot units and industry experts. Our clients turn to us because they know that our experience in the industry can help them overcome their challenges. If you have a new product or application, whatever the challenge, JBT FoodTech is your one-stop solution for all of your product development needs.

  • Application-specific fill nozzle design:

If you have an exotic application, JBT FoodTech has the solution for you. We can provide our customers with custom-made nozzles that satisfy the needs of the most complex products.

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