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» Solutions » Products and Services » Formcook® Combi Cooker

Formcook®Combi Cooker

The Formcook Combi Cooker combines intensive conduction (contact) heat transfer with heated air and steam. Products are cooked on a solid non-stick belt that runs over lower heating platens with steam and forced air on the top to provide the required temperature and color development. It is a versatile large scale continuous “gourmet cooker” for the food processing industry.

Formcook® Combi Cooker

The Formcook® Combi Cooker browns, sears, bakes, and steams a wide variety of protein and vegetable food products. The solid, stick-free product belt can handle wet sticky products as well as products in trays. With the optional product flip it provides superior browning and searing capability for minced and bone-in meats, irregular, round, and three dimensional food items.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Electric or thermal fluid heated lower platens
    • Versatile energy source

  • Utilizes solid non-stick product belt with optional product flip
    • No belt marks on products
    • Provides superior browning and searing

  • Cooking process combines conduction (up to 260°C) and convection (up to 280°C) heat transfer
    • Develops a home cooked taste and appearance to food products

  • Adjustable process control
    • Ideal for portions requiring 2 to 15 minute cook time

  • Extremely quick product change without stopping, cooling and cleaning between changes
    • Maximizes productivity and UpTime®

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