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Produce Labeling Technologies

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State-Of-The-Art Produce Labels

Our micro-thin polyethylene labels conform to virtually any produce surface, providing superior adhesion and appearance. This, combined with our high quality printing process, custom design capability and focus on quality, assures your customer’s total satisfaction.

Superior Application System

The advanced JBT FoodTech labeling system utilizes patented, enhanced technology, providing smooth, high-speed label transfer capability. The system’s enhanced rubber bellows gently but firmly apply the label onto the produce surface with a cushion of air. Even the most delicate fruit is labeled without bruising or scarring.

Labeling Capacity & Efficiency

The combination of JBT FoodTech’s state-of-the-art labels and advanced application system results in maximum labeling efficiency. With advances in design, our PC-based labeling equipment can label up to 720 pieces per minute at labeling efficiencies up to 95% or better depending on conditions.

Innovative Label Inventory Control System

JBT FoodTech has developed its optional Label Inventory Control System (LICS) to help customers reduce cost by reducing inventory, increasing inventory turns, and reducing inventory management costs. The patented PC-based system networked with Ethernet connections automatically tracks label usage and provides:

  • Real-time label inventory data by PLU 
  • Alerts for low inventory levels 
  • Current and historical label usage reports 
  • Centralized monitoring capability

Reliable Service & Simple Maintenance

The JBT FoodTech labeling system is backed by our industry renowned service support. Our experienced service technicians are strategically located to provide prompt and reliable response to customer calls on a global basis. The labeling system was designed for easy operation and maintenance. To improve serviceability and minimize down time, we offer:

  • Optional on-site and remote diagnostics systems that provide real-time and historical data on labeler performance 
  • Modular parts to allow quick replacement and minimize down time 
  • Ongoing maintenance and overhauls 
  • Stepper motor design for enhanced labeling reliability 
  • Patented bellows that virtually eliminate the need for cleaning

Compatibility with Existing Equipment

The JBT FoodTech labeling system was developed to meet the changing needs of today’s packinghouse.

  • Motion control software specifically designed to operate in unison with packhouse equipment for optimum label application 
  • Designed to fit over in-feed conveyors, sizers, or take-out conveyors — any place where produce is singulated

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