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» Solutions » Products and Services » READYGo™ Family » READYGo CitruSan

READYGo™ CitruSan™

This skid-mounted, automatic cleanup system from JBT is more than just a single-purpose CIP system. The READYGo CitruSan has enhanced functionality at reduced capital investment.

More than just a CIP skid

The CitruSan CIP system injects cleaning solutions back through the juice piping and into the internal extractor juicing components (known as "backflushing"). In addition,as many as 45 spray nozzles are mounted on each extractor in order to clean the external surfaces. The juice room operator has a choice of several different cleaning and rinse cycles in order to meet production and quality requirements.

Juice room operators can use the CitruSan system to:

  • Lower plate counts during employee breaks or lunches.
  • Rinse juice piping when switching between citrus varieties.
  • Run full extractor CIP to reduce labor hours for sanitation crews.

The self-contained system comes equipped with all the necessary controls, motor starters, power conditioning, variable speed drives and solenoid valves to make installation at your plant simple and cost-effective. You need only supply the necessary utilities, valves and piping to the citrus extractors. (JBT can assist you with piping and valve installation, if desired).

By using the latest PLC platforms, this system is designed to be robust, dependable, and expandable. The CitruSan can be expanded can be configured to handle other automated systems in your plant such as the JBT ASR (Automatic Spray Ring) system, finisher automation systems, and juice room control system.

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