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Need to build a new juice plant running quickly without having to spend endless engineering hours designing one? The JBT READYGo™ JUICE system may be exactly what you're looking for!

The JBT READYGo™ JUICE system provides the cornerstone for processing up to 3 or up to 6 metric tons per hour of whole citrus fruit.

With the ability to receive fruit from a number of various feed systems and adapt to your physical and processing requirements, the JBT READYGo JUICE system makes getting up-and-running much less work than typical engineer-to-order systems.

How does it work?

First, fruit is delivered to the tilted-feed belt by your existing fruit feed system. If you do not have an existing system, JBT can work with you to configure and install a system tailored to your needs. Once on the belt, the fruit is conveyed to one or two JBT Citrus Juice Extractors.

At the extractor, the fruit is instantaneously separated into its three core streams: pulpy juice, peel, and core material. All excess fruit not initially processed by the extractors is returned to the feed system for reprocessing.

The peel and core material is conveyed away to a waste container, while the pulpy juice is collected into a 500 liter tank. From this tank, the pulpy juice is then pumped to a JBT model UPF-100 Juice Finisher where the pulp is separated from the juice. The pulp can then by transported away for storage or further processing within your facility.

By adjusting the operating parameters of the juice finisher, the amount of pulp separated from the juice can be adjusted to meet your needs. If further optimization is needed, the screens used in the juice finisher can be replaced with ones having a different mesh size. Standard sizes include 0.015 and 0.020 inch holes.

The finished juice discharged from the juice finisher is collected in a separate 500 liter tank, from where it can be transported via pump downstream for further processing or packaging.

By combining state-of-the-art automation and easy-to-use controls, the entire system can be easily controlled from a single point conveniently mounted on the skid itself.

By joining the READYGo JUICE with a READYGo CitruSan CIP System, you can create a complete juice processing system that can provide automatic cleanup capability as well.

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