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» Solutions » Products and Services » Stein 5-Star Home Style Breading Applicator » Stein 5 Star Home Style Breader for flour and home style coatings

5-Star Key Features

The highly specialized 5-Star Breader design features:

Stein 5-Star Home Style Breading Applicator

  • Height adjustment for top layer

    • Adjusts to provide maximum flexibility for a wide variety of products
    • Insures product consistency and repeatability
  • 5-Star Tumble Design

    • Duplicates rotary drum coating
    • Provides gentle handling and full belt width orientation
    • Independent drive for tumble rollers allows adjustments for specific coatings and breading pick-up
  • Star Tumblers

    • Star tumblers are driven by a single drive motor
    • Tumblers are supported on shaft mounted anti-friction sealed bearings
    • Tumblers use machine cut UHMW drive gears to insure a quiet, constant velocity drive and uniform product pick-up
  • Belt Tensioning

    • Belts are tensioned with independent adjustment bearing frames and ACME threads
    • All shafts operate on stainless antifriction bearings
  • Discharge Conveyor Adjustment

    • Allows alignment to mating product conveyor without the need for special tools
    • Allows removal of belt tension for belt repair
  • Hydraulic Manifold

    • Stainless hydraulic manifold
    • Stainless pressure compensated independent motor control valves
  • Adjustable Pressure Roll with Repeatable Settings

  • Control Panel

    • Push button control panel
    • Sloped stainless top for improved hygiene
  • Removable Non-powered Pressure Roll

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