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Ancillary Equipment

A complete material handling line includes one loader, one unloader, one transport system and other ancillary equipment such as trays and baskets that enable the product to be correctly stacked in a consistent way.


Each container type requires its own tray design. JBT FoodTech can design a wide range of trays to accommodate most containers such as plastic bottles, cans, plastic bowls, glass jars, pouches and special retortable paperboard. Here are some examples:

Basket tracking system:

Our Basket tracking system is the best solution to monitor, store, and analyze all of your sterilization data including basket information. Here are some of the features of this control system:

  • Automatic transport coordination: this is less labor intensive than manual loading/unloading and reduces risk of operator error.
  • Improved supervision:

- Basket identification using a unique tag linked to the basket number. This tag is read at all critical locations
- Date of handling by retorts and loader/unloader
- Status of basket is continuously monitored

  • Dwell time tracking:

- Dwell time tracking enables flagging of specific baskets and they can be removed from the line
- Early warnings prevent pre-process lag time deviations if the filling line is temporarily down.

  •  Safety checks
  •  Electronic record keeping:

- All operations are recorded and historical reports can be generated
- Audit trail provides a means to backtrack the product's history

Thermal process modeling and control software:

If you want to learn more about our process control and modeling systems click here or on the tab at the bottom of this page.

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