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With a broad knowledge in sterilization, material handling and process controls, JBT FoodTech is able to assist you with all of your sterilization needs for cans, glass jars, plastic bottles or plastic pouches.

Steam Water Spray (SWS™) Static Retorts:

Here are some of the many benefits you will get by using our static retorts.

  • Introducing the Steam Water Spray (SWS™) process:

Steam water spray

Steam is directly injected in the bottom of the retort for fast and uniform come-up. Water Sprays running over the entire shell length intensely mix steam and air, and create a homogeneous temperature distribution. Indirect, sterile cooling over a plate heat exchanger saves water, water treatment chemicals and energy. The (optional) process water pre-heat system ensures consistent process delivery for warm or hot-filled products.

  • High quality design and construction:

Static retort closed
The use of stainless steel AISI 304 L ensures a long machine life and clean processing environment. JBT FoodTech SWS™ retorts are standard clad and insulated, and fitted with quality components from reputed suppliers with global service.

  • Absolute flow meter and level probe:

For maximum product safety, retorts are standard fitted with an absolute flow meter and analogue water level control probe.

  • Advanced agitating retort:

The large holding capacity agitating retort features a highly robust reel, large diameter rollers and a heavy duty direct reel drive system. Individual basket clamping ensures secure clamping for all types of containers.

  • Precise temperature and pressure control:


Highly sensitive temperature and pressure probes, high quality proportional control valves and PID control loops ensure accurate process control during the entire sterilization cycle.

  • Micro cooling:

The controlled and gentle transition from sterilization to cooling through micro-cooling, avoids thermal shock or uncontrolled pressure drop.

  • Turbo-cool (option):

Increased cooling capacity results in reduced cooling time and higher throughput (product dependent).

LOG-TEC® Process Management Systems:

LOG-TEC screen

Our LOG-TEC® controls are standard with JBT FoodTech retorts. This software brings you a process management systems that is your ideal solution to control, supervise and store thermal processing data and manage your recipes. Combined with our static or SuperAgi™ retorts this is a powerful tool that will enable you to optimize your process. Furthermore you may choose to equip your retorts with our NumeriCAL® online software which allows process deviation correction on the basis of on-line Fº calculation. In-addition, NumeriCAL® offline lets you simulate any recipes and develop new thermal process profiles. Here are some of the benefits you will get from our process management controls:

  • Consistent process delivery:

LOG-TEC® thermal process controls execute a self test and check all field devices and sensors prior to start-up.

  • Automatic process deviation correction:

LOG-TEC® thermal process controls automatically correct retort temperature deviations, without operator intervention. NumeriCAL® On-Line lethality tracking software (optional) allows process deviation correction on the basis of on-line Fº calculation.

  • Central host PC:

LOG-TEC® thermal process controls incorporate a central host PC for easy supervision of the retort installation.

  • Automated USDA/FDA accepted documentation:

Computer generated process records by LOG-TEC® meet the HACCP requirements and are unconditionally accepted by FDA and USDA.

  • Safe record keeping:

Process data are stored on the host PC, in encrypted format.

  • Central process recipe management:

Process recipes are edited and managed on the host PC.

I you want to know more about our LOG-TEC® line of products please visit our Thermal Process Modeling page here.

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