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With our Steam Water Spray (SWS™) innovative heat distribution system used by our retorts you will get an exceptionally homogeneous temperature distribution ensuring consistent product quality. At the same time our SuperAgi TM agitating retort has a unique making it the most flexible sterilization solution you can dream of. Here are some details on how exactly these innovations work.

The Steam Water Spray (SWS™) process


Static Retort Open

A combination of water sprays are located over the total shell length. The water distribution system ensures equal flow per nozzle and intensive mixing of steam, water and air. Steam injection is realized under the basket above the water. Compressed air is injected in the process water, the air is pre-heated and saturated. The water is sprayed over the containers from several different angles to atomize the air used for overpressure. This way excellent temperature distribution and efficient heat transfer are achieved. 

Not only does our SWS™ give a better heat distribution but other features contribute to making our temperature process quite unique:

- Plate heat exchanger is used only during cooling (with sterile water).

Our engineers will also be pleased to install a heat recovery system for the cooling water (option).

- An optional pre-heat system can be fitted for hot-filled products.

This reduces the process time by ensuring a more consistent sterilization as the heating medium is always at a higher temperature than the product.

- Micro-cooling realizes a controlled transition from sterilization to cooling.

The smooth cooling curve limits high pressure differences in the container.

- An absolute flow meter sounds an alarm when there is too little flow.

This can raise the alarm when some abnormal parameters arise even outside of the retorts area of control.
- A temperature overshoot is used at the start of cook that reduces the Fº spread.

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