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News and Notes

Homestyle breader decreases product damage | Software enhances waterjet portioning capabilities | Spiral freezers optimize hygiene and capacity | Freezer aftermarket kits for Europe | Personnel announcements | FMC FoodTech at industry events.

5-STAR Homestyle Breader decreases product damage, improves production costs

Food processors can now improve homemade-style breading quality while improving production costs with the Stein™ 5-STAR Homestyle Breader. The linear breading application system features full belt-width product loading, which allows products to maintain a linear orientation as they are coated.

Once products receive a top and bottom layer of breading, they gently descend through five star wheels, which simulate the manual breading process. The multiple passes of the product through the five star wheels ensures uniform breading coverage without the typical product damage that occurs in a drum breader.

The enclosed design of the machine, the gravity-locking side access doors and a full hood with dust-collection ports reduce the amount of dust expelled from the breader while in operation.

To learn more about the 5-STAR Homestyle Breader, visit the JBT FoodTech Web site or call (800) 447-2630.

DSI™ Q-LINK™ Portioning Software Enhances Software Capabilities for Waterjet Portioning

DSI Q-LINK portioning software is available as a standard feature in new DSI waterjet portioners and as an upgrade for existing DSI 624 and 714 portioners and D-Scan™ systems. The technologically advanced Q-LINK software platform improves productivity with one-touch production changeover and convenient new calibration and start-up routines. An easy-to-use touchscreen interface offers color-coded expanding submenus for easy navigation of advanced portioning applications.

DSI Q-LINK software is network-ready to enable production data to be exported to in-plant data collection systems, such as the LINK® Process Analysis system from JBT FoodTech. Real-time and summary statistical portioning information can lead to improvements in the portioning process. Features such as easy copying of portioning setups further enhance operational efficiency and consistency.

To learn more about DSI Q-LINK software, visit the JBT FoodTech Web site or call (800) 447-2630.

GYRoCOMPACT® spiral freezers optimize hygiene and increase capacity

Demands for optimized hygiene and increased capacity by food processors prompted the development of the GYRoCOMPACT M10 and M10 Twin Stack spiral freezer models, which also offer more durable components and consume less power, reducing maintenance and utility costs. The M10 freezer has a 42-inch-wide (106-centimeter-wide) belt and features a third-generation FRIGoDRIVE® M drive system that increases processing capacity by 30 percent. This translates to about 16,000 pounds of fully cooked chicken per hour.

The M10 Twin Stack spiral freezer combines two spiral stacks in a single system to increase capacity by up to 100 percent. For example, ready meal capacity can now increase by 50 percent, from 240 trays per minute in a single stack freezer to 360 trays per minute or 14,200 pounds per hour in the Twin Stack. Bakery lines can move more than 64,700 croissants, or up to 8,800 pounds of product, per hour with the Twin Stack.

An open, easily cleanable and accessible design optimizes sanitation standards and decreases system downtime for cleaning and maintenance. This feature reduces contamination and extends the life of the equipment by preventing waste buildup and simplifying the cleaning process.

To learn more about GYRoCOMPACT spiral freezers, visit the JBT FoodTech Web site or call (800) 447-2630.

Three freezer aftermarket kits available in Europe

Personal safety components, hygiene products and innovations that increase freezer capacity are at the top of the list for ways to save on costs while improving quality. Aftermarket service kits are available in Europe for GYRoCOMPACT spiral freezers, including the safety upgrade kit, the Product Zone Power Rinser and the Fan Performance upgrade kit.

The safety upgrade kit consists of a number of components that food processors can choose from to improve the safety of the working environment, including:

Monitored wired emergency stops with new safety relays, emergency stop infeed/outfeed with alarms and sound, wiring and an installation kit
Fluorescent lights, including wiring and a switch that require 220-volt power supplied by the food processor
Belt-start alarm system installed by an JBT FoodTech specialist
Door gate for one door with a switch for any GYRoCOMPACT freezer with door switches and an installation kit for the gate.

The Product Zone Power Rinser helps to shorten the cleaning time of self-stacking spiral freezers for processors that work with sticky, stringy products that leave hard-to-remove residues on the freezer belt. The power cleaner utilizes high-pressure water jets with rotating spray arms that quickly and effectively wash away residue from all surfaces of the conveyer. The one-pass system with low water consumption includes a single or double cleaner unit, rotating arms, a connection hose and a two-day installation from an JBT FoodTech technician.

The Fan Performance upgrade kit enables food processors to increase capacity by up to 10 percent while reducing fan energy consumption by up to 30 percent. The kit is available as a fan option on new spiral freezers and can be retrofitted on older models, such as the GYRoCOMPACT 76, 92 and 106 models. It includes a fan wheel and inlet cone. Installation is provided by JBT FoodTech specialists over a two-day period.

To learn more about enclosure aftermarket kits, visit the JBT FoodTech Web site or contact an JBT FoodTech specialist.

Personnel Promotions at JBT FoodTech

Chad Goecke has been promoted to business planner for the Sandusky, Ohio, facility of JBT FoodTech in North America. Goecke will be responsible for providing analysis and recommendations for industry and market issues, general economic conditions and global developments that impact the business and capital expenditure requests for the North American region. Goecke joined JBT FoodTech in 2003 as a buyer and moved into sourcing in 2005. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, and a master’s degree in business administration from Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio.

John Arnold has been promoted to technical training manager for the Sandusky, Ohio, facility of JBT FoodTech in North America. In his new position, he will lead all product line and process-focused training activity for processing companies and JBT FoodTech personnel. Arnold will be responsible for the planning and execution of scheduled training activities in the Food Processing & Technology Training Center and spearheading the development and implementation of an online training capability. Previously, he was responsible for DSI technical training and DSI field service.

JBT at Industry Events

Seafood Processing Europe – April 22 to 24, 2008 in Brussels, Belgium — Hall 4, Stand 5132
JBT FoodTech will showcase its ADVANTEC™ impingement freezer and chiller. A food technology expert will perform live demonstrations of various fish and seafood applications.

Expo Pack Mexico/Procesa – June 24 to 27, 2008 in Mexico City, Mexico — Booth 2718
JBT FoodTech will showcase its SeamTec™ can closer, its SuperAgi™ multiprocess sterilizer and its food grade lubricant and cleaner products.

™ ADVANTEC, DSI, D-Scan, Q-LINK, SeamTec, Stein and SuperAgi are trademarks and ®FRIGoDRIVE, GYRoCOMPACT and LINK are registered trademarks of JBT FoodTech. 2008 JBT FoodTech. All rights reserved.

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