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Dedicated Solutions Team works side by side with processors

Once a food processing company establishes itself in the marketplace, consistent analysis of processes and equipment performance must be done to ensure the company is meeting production needs while balancing reasonable operational costs.

Solutions team

JBT FoodTech Solutions Team specialists work with partner companies to install a whole-muscle meat line at a Croatian poultry processing company.

By Branko Pancer, regional sales manager for Central Europe, JBT FoodTech

Food processors may need to consider purchasing a new production line when expanding into new markets, creating new products, increasing capacity or overhauling hygiene practices. Determining the best equipment to purchase for the new line can be a difficult task, and many food processors turn to equipment suppliers and manufacturers for guidance.

As a response to this need, JBT FoodTech developed the Solutions Team, a group of specialists that work side by side with food processing companies to build a complete processing line.

System solution

A GCO-66 GYRoCOMPACT® spiral oven was installed by the FMC FoodTech Solutions Team as part of a new whole-muscle meat line.
A Croatian poultry processing company that specializes in formed-meat products, such as chicken nuggets, was interested in expanding its processing capabilities by adding a multipurpose line for whole-muscle meat processing. The company foresaw the market changing as more consumers began to prefer whole-meat chicken products, such as tenders, fillets and boneless drumsticks, versus formed products.

The processing company runs a Stein™ breading line, oven, fryer and freezer, originally purchased in 1989, for its formed-chicken product line. It approached FMC FoodTech for guidance on the line expansion because of differences in hygiene standards and product handling techniques between whole-muscle meat and formed-meat processing.

With the help of JBT FoodTech’s sales consultants and Solutions Team, the processor chose a complete high-capacity and efficient processing line. The newly installed line will quickly become a profitable enterprise as this growing whole-muscle trend continues to expand beyond specialty retailers and ready meals to more quick-service restaurants.

The Croatian processor that added a whole-muscle meat line choose JBT FoodTech as its solutions provider because of the requirement of precise quality and operational efficiency. The line features JBT FoodTech equipment ideal for working with whole-muscle meat, such as its DSI™ portioning system for precise cutting and trimming capabilities; DB-4 drum breader for homestyle coating ability; its M Fryer, an immersion fryer that can run a variety of products on one line; GCO-66 GYRoCOMPACT spiral oven, which offers versatility in working with coated and uncoated bone-in and boneless products; and its GYRoCOMPACT M Series spiral freezer and chiller for its self-stacking functionality, and capacity and throughput capabilities.

The Solutions Team delivers integrated systems solutions when processors purchase a new product line, as in this example, but also can serve as a partner on a plant construction project, guiding processors from the ground up.


The Solutions Team was created to work with processors around the world, and is currently talking with processors in Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, Sweden and Turkey to determine their current and future needs, research market trends and evaluate equipment options to determine the best equipment solution. This process can include drawing plans for line setup, facilitating equipment purchases from partnering suppliers and installing the line for full functionality.

When building a new line, processors want to ensure the ideal equipment is used and integrated in a design that will best benefit the company’s growth. Poor integration, for example, can cause inefficient production processes and a lower-grade production quality.

The JBT FoodTech solutions team knows its core strengths and works with partners who can offer complementary expertise to create a line in which every component best fits the standards, capacity and production goals of the food processor. Efficient integration of handpicked equipment based on food processing needs result in optimal production performance for food processors while controlling costs and meeting market needs.

™Stein and DSI are trademarks and ®GYRoCOMPACT is a registered trademark of JBT FoodTech. ©2008 JBT FoodTech. All rights reserved.

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