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FoodTech Report

Volume 7 Issue 3

News and Notes

G4 Labeler

G4 Labeler System™

New produce label system provides flexibility, cost savings

New produce labeling requirements from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) focus on produce branding and traceability. Technology — including the emergence of the GS1 DataBar™ bar code — allows processors to meet these needs, but it can become a difficult process, requiring multiple labeling heads, downtime for changeover and capital investment in equipment. JBT FoodTech has developed the modular and flexible G4 Labeler System™ to help tackle the growing complexity associated with produce identification.

The modular, self-contained labelers allow for quick installation, servicing and replacement. A “smart” label-edge detector enables the G4 labeler to automatically adjust and apply any label pitch and size. Its streamlined reel holder accommodates two label rolls, eliminating the need for separate label cassettes. With its unique design, packers can switch from large DataBar labels to smaller PLU labels without a need to shut down for label changeovers.

The G4 Labeling System delivers reliable label transfer under demanding high-speed applications, with capability to label more than 900 pieces of produce per minute. G4 labelers can be easily modified to accommodate future innovations, such as print-and-apply technology.

For more information on produce labeling systems, visit the JBT FoodTech Web site.

Air Defrosting Kit doubles time needed between defrosts

Costs for energy, cleaning chemicals and water can be significant when a freezer requires frequent defrosting. Without defrosting, freezer efficiency suffers due to inefficient heat transfer from the evaporator coil. The JBT FoodTech Air Defrosting (ADF) Kit provides a cost-effective way to remove frost and snow buildup, and can up to double the time required between freezer defrosts.

The ADF Kit removes frost and snow accumulation on the evaporator by directing precisely timed bursts of pressurized air over the evaporator fins. Once installed, it will increase productivity without compromising freezer hygiene or maintenance. The ability to maintain consistent air flow during the entire production run also will improve product quality and increase production yield.

Due to recent improvements in design, the critical components of the ADF system can now be mounted externally. This improves reliability of the system and the ability to do maintenance during production.

For more information on freezer solutions, visit the JBT FoodTech Web site

JBT FoodTech at upcoming industry events

International Poultry Expo — Jan. 27-29, 2010, in Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A. — Booth 3939
The International Poultry Expo, sponsored by the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, is the world’s largest display of technology, equipment, supplies and services used in the production and processing of poultry and eggs for those involved in feed manufacturing.

JBT FoodTech industry event recaps

Produce Marketing Association: Fresh Summit — Oct. 2-5, 2009, in Anaheim, CA, U.S.A.
JBT FoodTech presented the patent-pending Bin Scrubber System and G4 Labeling System™, as well as a full portfolio of post-harvest products and solutions. PMA: Fresh Summit is the largest U.S. produce show, attracting more than 20,000 attendees from around the world.

IBA, International Trade Fair: World Market for Baking — Oct. 3-9, 2009, in Düsseldorf, Germany — Hall 16, Stand A30
JBT FoodTech presented the Double D Revoband™ Continuous Oven and the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® proofer, chiller and freezer at the international trade fair for bakers and confectioners.

AgroProdMash — Oct. 12-16, 2009, in Moscow, Russia
JBT FoodTech provided general product information to attendees at the international exhibition for machinery equipment and ingredients for the food processing industry.

To learn more about JBT FoodTech products and services, visit the JBT FoodTech Web site.

GYRoCOMPACT® is a registered trademark and Double D Revoband™ and G4 Labeler System™ are trademarks of JBT Corporation.
GS1 DataBar™ is a trademark of GS1.

©2009 JBT Corporation. All rights reserved.

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