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» Solutions » Knowledge » Liquid Foods RTC » USA: Madera

USA: Madera (CA)

Research Technology Center for In-Container Sterilization

Research Technology Center Madera | JBT Liquid Foods

The JBT Research & Technology Center (RTC) in Madera (USA) provides:

  • A wide range of processing authority consulting services recognized by FDA, USDA and California Almond Board
  • In-container and aseptic processing expertise
  • North America staff of seven highly experienced thermal processing experts

In-Container Sterilisation Systems

JBT is the world’s leading supplier of in-container sterilisation systems: with more than 2700 sterilisation systems installed worldwide, more than 50% of the world’s canned foods are sterilised on JBT equipment.

This vast expertise we allow us to offer the industry’s widest range of in-container sterilisation systems, ranging from small lab units for research application to high capacity, double chain hydrostatic sterilisers for the pet food industry.

We carry a continuing program that involves both the development of new processing techniques and the reinforcement of existing technology.

Pilot facility in Madera (CA)

Thermal process work can be performed either in your laboratory, factory, or in our 8,000 ft2 pilot facility in Madera (CA).

In particular our pilot plant and laboratory facility have the capability to batch products in our Kitchen/Formulation area, perform Thermobacteriology studies food processing and the heat penetration studies in a laboratory sterilizer, and create process reference letters for filing with FDA as needed.

The lab is equipped with the most modern measurement technology for thermal process data collection and analysis - both for continuous and batch systems. Pilot equipment for food product preparation, filling and seaming on a semi-industrial scale is also available.

Our process technologies scientists and technicians possess extensive knowledge of continuous rotary sterilizers, hydrostatic sterilizers and batch sterilizers, including:

  • Stationary Waterspray
  • Agitating Waterspray
  • Water immersion
  • Partial immersion
  • 100% steam

The Microbiology Laboratory grows and maintains crops of heat resistant bacterial spores for biological validation studies. Including:

  • Spore count reduction studies
  • Inoculated packs
  • Spore heat resistance studies
  • Thermal death time studies

Regarding Kitchen/Formulation area, the product preparation area includes:

  • Mixing equipment
  • Steam jacketed kettles
  • Lab closing machines
  • Pouch sealer
  • Walk-in refrigerator and freezer


Please contact to get more information about our testing capabilities.

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