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» Solutions » Knowledge » Liquid Foods RTC » Spain: Murcia

Spain: Murcia

JBT Research Technology Center for Fruit and Vegetable Processing

The center is equipped with:

  • three JBT citrus extractors (191B, 391B and 593 models);
  • one Fresh'n Squeeze MFJ;
  • one screw finisher;
  • one paddle finisher
  • a laboratory for fruit, juice and pulp products physicochemical analysis.

The pilot plant is prepared to simulate many of the processes found in the modern commercial citrus processing facility such as fruit calibration, juice extraction and finishing, and oil recovery.

The primary objectives are to optimize the yield, quality and throughput of the citrus processing equipment and systems that JBT supplies. Thanks to this new laboratory, JBT is able to perform trials using various processing technologies to assist customers in the development and analyses of fruit and vegetable processing systems.

Products include:

  • Citrus
  • Fruit puree
  • Cloudy juices

In-depth training programs can be scheduled on:

  • Introduction to extraction lines
  • Aseptic processing principles and operations
  • Start-up and troubleshooting
  • Thermal treatment principles
  • Working principles
  • Critical Control points
  • CIP procedures
  • Hands-on maintenance and start-up training
  • Courses and training activities: Preventive Controls for Human Food Training (FSPCA), Better Process Control School (BPCS), Thermal Processing Academy, Training course on FDA audits, Food Labeling Compliance Seminar, Food labeling UE.

Laboratory analyses include:

  • Real-time analysis of quality properties and equipment performance data collection Raw material analysis to support process development
  • Determination of optimal analytical methods for QA support in accordance to international Standards.

Fruit and Vegetable Processing:

  • FTE Juice Extractor: hot and cold juice or puree extraction
  • Alternative new technologies: Fog in Place® Technology (FIP), Liquid Freezing, Pulsed Electric Field
  • Paddle Finisher, Screw Finisher
  • Modular Oil Recovery Extractor (MORE): oil/d-LIMONENE recovery.


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