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Food processors want product differentiation, which means that no one cooking process is the answer until all product criteria are determined.

Chicken fillet

The best cooking results are achieved only when the characteristics of the end product are objectively quantified.  A thorough understanding of the end product allows processors to better define the raw materials, equipment, operating parameters and the proper sequence of the production process. This is where JBT FoodTech comes in. With the broadest portfolio of industrial continuous cooking equipment, JBT FoodTech provides the versatility required for lines requiring process fine-tuning.

We are proud to announce that as of 29-01-2014, Swedish based Formcook AB became a part of JBT FoodTech. Formcook maintain a long-term position as the world leading supplier of industrial cooking equipment, all based on a high level of knowledge within areas of heat transfer, food application, equipment design and production economics.

MultiPhase™ Cooking

Achieving the best possible end product combined with enhanced throughput and product yield means applying the right heat transfer mechanisms sequentially and/or concurrently at just the right time. JBT FoodTech has named its process MultiPhase Cooking, a system designed to ensure that the processing line has the right equipment in place to deliver maximum potential. What are the components of the JBT FoodTech MultiPhase Cooking Systems?


The Stein THERMoFIN® Fryer (TFF) is the best large-volume performer for product quality and lowest operating cost.

Oven Cooking (Linear & Spiral)

There are three models of Jet Stream® Ovens (JSO) to choose from, and all models can be integrated with a radiant heat oven (RHO) for enhanced cooking of red meat products.


Stein ProGrill® continuous belt grills are used in conjunction with linear and spiral ovens to deliver product attributes, yield and throughput on certain food items with specific processing requirements.


To add the appearance of open flame grilling, the Stein Charmarker was developed to sear in grill marks.


GYRoCOMPACT® Spiral Ovens

Our spiral oven technology features vertical airflow combined with cross-flow to produce the best side-to-side temperature control for consistent product quality across the belt. The new Stein GYRoCOMPACT II oven offers a strategic combination of the best technologies arranged in proper sequence to deliver the ultimate flexibility in processing poultry and red meat products.

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