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PRoCARE® Optimization

PRoCARE Optimization

Control your costs

PRoCARE’s greatest value comes from preventing unexpected costs through smart, purposeful, timely maintenance. With reactive maintenance, costs escalate quickly. Once a part breaks, it can mean big losses in production and cause unnecessary wear and breakage of other parts. We’ve designed PRoCARE to help you work smarter so there are no big surprises in your budget. Beyond emergency service, PRoCARE gives you preventative maintenance based on unmatched knowledge and expertise, original spare parts, food-grade Formula™ lubricants and support to help prevent your machines from breaking down in the first place — virtually eliminating those big jumps in your maintenance budget. It’s a maintenance partnership that helps you achieve a steady, even budget that can save you money, year after year.

Improve your performance

PRoCARE is about making sure your equipment is performing to your best advantage — optimizing your production and minimizing downtime. That’s why, before we even start our preventative care program, we perform a deep inspection of your equipment to ensure everything is running as it should. If necessary, we’ll agree on an overhaul plan and perform the work. Once we’ve established a good baseline performance level, we’ll host a kick-off training for your operating, cleaning and maintenance staff to ensure that, together, we achieve the best results from your equipment going forward.

Keep it running

We understand that possibly the most stressful situation you face in your day-to-day work is equipment breakdown, which is why we’ve designed PRoCARE with multiple service strategies to keep your equipment running. We tailor PRoCARE to fit you, allowing you to choose your level of service and incorporate strategic features to meet your goals. As we say, “planning beats panic — every time!” PRoCARE helps you anticipate your needs, providing proactive services like regular inspections, original spare parts, food-grade Formula lubricants, and documents to help your staff perform the appropriate care and operating procedures. Of course, priority phone support and on-site emergency assistance are available to help you solve any problems as they arise.

Get a good night’s sleep

Our experts help you coordinate everything, from what your staff should be doing (and when) to monitoring performance for machines and individual parts — calculating wear and planning precise timing for part replacements and service to avoid unnecessary downtime and costs. We provide a range of documentation to ensure you are fully informed of the current status of each machine, including detailed inspection reports. Let us worry about keeping your equipment running at its best while you get a good night’s sleep.

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