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» News-and-Events » News Archive » FMC FoodTech Introduces the Eclipse Conveyor

FMC FoodTech Introduces the Eclipse Conveyor

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 07, 2004 Chicago, IL, November 07, 2004 - For Dry, Fresh and Frozen Food Processing

FMC FoodTech, one of the world’s largest suppliers of industrial food processing systems, today introduced the new Eclipse™ conveyor, a revolutionary advancement in horizontal motion conveyors. The Eclipse conveyor is the only horizontal motion conveyor on the market today with a patented servo motor design.

The Eclipse, the next generation in conveyors, is non-mechanical with a modular distribution design, offering line processors efficiency and flexibility for a variety of applications, from processing to packaging.

Due to its innovative design, the patented servo motor is enhanced with proprietary software that enables line processors to maximize the speed of the conveyor with a variable range up to 300 RPM.

The Eclipse also has a balanced horizontal motion design, a feature first pioneered and developed by FMC FoodTech. Because the Eclipse is non-mechanical and counter-balanced, the vibration does not impact the product on the processing line.

"The Eclipse is designed with a zero vertical lift and provides very gentle handling, which will not damage the product or shake off seasoning," said Neil Anderson, general manager of sales and marketing of Allen Systems PPM for FMC FoodTech. "Also, smaller products do not segregate to the bottom of the material bed and the coatings do not build up on the surface pan."

The Eclipse offers a streamlined and efficient isolation system and can be either floor or ceiling mounted. The conveyor consists of a pan, counter stoking base mass and a crank eccentric which is attached to the servo motor. Aside from the servo motor, the only other replaceable mechanical parts are the crank bearings and four rollers.

"Due to the simplicity of the Eclipse design, very few parts are required and it is easy to clean," said Anderson. "These additional features result in long-term cost savings for the line processor."

FMC FoodTech representatives will be at the Pack International Exposition in Chicago, November 7-11, 2004, at booth N-4516, to answer any questions about the Eclipse conveyor. Please also visit for more information about the company and its product lines.

About FMC FoodTech

FMC FoodTech is a market leader in the supply of technology solutions and services for the global food industry, FMC FoodTech offers integrated solutions across the entire food processing continuum from meat, seafood and poultry, to fruits and vegetables, beverages and milk and convenience foods.

Wherever food is harvested, processed, portioned, squeezed, cooked, sterilized, frozen, preserved or packaged, FMC FoodTech helps customers by providing superior technologies and services to the world's largest food processors, suppliers and fast-food chains as well as institutional and commercial restaurants. The company represents more than 30 highly respected product brand names including Frigoscandia Equipment, Stein•DSI, Citrus Systems, Food Processing Systems, FranRica and Allen Systems PPM.

FMC FoodTech is an operating group of FMC Technologies, Inc. and is headquartered in Chicago, Ill., USA. For more information on FMC FoodTech, visit the company’s Web site at