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» Solutions » Products and Services » Citrus Juice Extractor

Citrus Juice Extractor

JBT Citrus Systems is the world leader in the citrus juice extraction market and processes 75% of the world's juice production in over 35 different countries. The JBT Citrus Juice Extractor was designated an International Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


Juice Quality 

The principle of instantaneous separation is the major reason for the superior quality juice delivered by the JBT Citrus Juice Extractor. The Extractor separates the juice from those constituents which, if allowed to remain in contact with the juice for any period of time, will have an adverse effect on the end product. JBT also offers a Premium Juice Extractor (PJE) which uses components specifically designed to reduce oil levels and bitterness in juice. The PJE is ideal for both not-from-concentrate and for fresh juice.

Quality is also assured through maximum sanitation. This sanitation is made possible through the use of stainless steel contstruction on the JBT Citrus Juice Extractor, the JBT Citrus Finisher and the enclosed stainless steel piping system to transport the juice to the JBT Citrus Juice Finishers.

Juice Yield

The JBT Citrus Juice Extractor yields more juice per unit of citrus than any other competitive equipment. This outstanding performance is made possible due to the positive feed of the JBT Citrus Juice Extractor and the lack of sensitivity of this extractor as it relates to the size and shape of citrus. JBT extractors will handle your complete size range as well as all fruit varieties, including Persian limes, mandarins, oranges,and grapefruit.

Oil Recovery

The JBT FoodTech Citrus Juice Extractor is unique in that it is a machine in which oil recovery is performed in the same piece of equipment as juice extraction. This method not only minimizes the space and energy required to recover oil but also delivers high yields. Water usage and waste disposal are minimized through the use of water recycle systems, which are part of all recent JBT FoodTech equipped citrus processing facilities. The quality of the oil recovered allows processors to market their product as cold pressed oil.

Animal Feed

Peel, core, membrane and other by-products discharged from the extractor are available for livestock feed production. The benefits of the JBT FoodTech Citrus Juice Extractor by-products are lower initial capital outlay and lower operating costs. Based on a study performed by one of the largest manufacturers of feed mill equipment in the world, by-products from the JBT FoodTech Citrus Juice Extractor require less feedmill capacity to produce the same amount of feed as other systems.

Pulp Recovery

The JBT FoodTech Citrus Juice Extractor offers various methods of pulp recovery. The juice cell sac sizes can be custom tailored to the needs of the processor and its customers. In one configuration, the JBT Citrus Juice Extractor can produce pure juice sacs of nominal size for use in concentrated juices and other products. The JBT FoodTech Citrus Juice Extractor can also be configured to produce high quality premium pulp cells as part of the JBT FoodTech Premium Pulp Recovery System. Juice sacs from this system are primarily used in the manufacture of not-from-concentrate juices. The juice cell sacs produced by this system range in size from 4mm to 10mm, are virtually free of peel & seed particles and embryonic seeds and ensure that up to 90% of the juice sacs retain their floating character.

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