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» Solutions » Products and Services » DSI Waterjet Portioning

DSI Waterjet Portioning Systems

Improve yield and decrease labor with DSI waterjet portioning systems.

Produce portions, nuggets or chunks, fat-free product and strips efficiently - all on one machine. Product changeover is as fast as the push of a button for single and for dual lane portioners sized to match your production needs.

Scan Optimize Cut

In a DSI Portioning System, your product is scanned with cameras to locate fat and to determine shape, thickness, and weight. DSI software optimizes a cut strategy for each individual piece of your raw product. The DSI Portioning System uses computer-positioned high-pressure waterjets to generate complex cut shapes that make each piece as valuable as possible, which maximizes your profit.

Automated processing reduces repetitive motion injuries, ensures consistent performance, and enhances food safety.

DSI provides financing options, 24/7 service and applications support, and expert training with each of its product models. If you purchase a system, training is included. If you choose the full service operating lease, DSI is responsible for helping you keep the system running at peak performance by providing routine expert service, spare parts, ongoing training and upgrades.

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