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» Solutions » Processes » Citrus Processing

Ready to help with all of your Citrus Processing needs

JBT produces Citrus Processing equipment for the global market. Our Citrus Extractor is the heart of any citrus processing system and we are the world leader in citrus extraction technology. We are also recognized around the world as the leading supplier of the best juicers for the food service industry.

Extraction Line

At every stage of the process our technologies are designed for perfect integration and maximum reliability, efficiency, sanitation and flexibility. Over 100 years of dedicated involvement with the food processing industry has brought JBT the expertise that enables us to provide the industry's widest range of in-container and in-flow processing systems.

JBT's core Aseptic Citrus capabilities include sterilization systems, deaeration systems, deoiler systems, bag-in-drum and bin fillers, bulk storage fillers, bulk storage systems, juice blending and flavor addition, and tanker loading systems.

So why should you be interested?

Our focused team of engineering and R&D personnel constantly update the JBT product lines to ensure we deliver equipment and systems that add the highest value to our customers. By increasing product yields and quality, improving processor productivity and efficiency, and lowering overall processing costs, JBT technology delivers true competitive advantage to its customers.

To support our customers and continue building our base of expertise, JBT operates pilot plant facilities in California, Florida, Brazil, Argentina, and Spain. We continually strive to ensure that JBT is providing the appropriate solutions to meet your business requirements.

So how does it all work?

Configuration of the Citrus Processing System depends on the production capacity and type of products you are looking to produce. Typical products include fresh or Not-From-Concentrate (NFC) juice, juice concentrate, citrus pulp, essential peel oils, and dried peel.

Fresh or Not-From-Concentrate Juice

After juice is processed by a JBT Juice Extraction line, finished and chilled,the juice is fed to an aseptic processing system that consists of a Tube in Shell Dimple Tube Sterilizer, with optional direct product-to-product heat recovery. A Flash Deaerator specially designed for aroma recovery and oil separation, as well as an independent CIP tank and associated piping may also be part of the system. The sterilized juice is sent to bulk storage tanks where it is stored. From these storage tanks, juice can be exported to filling lines with optional blending and aseptic flavor injection. Depending on the product you are looking to produce, citrus pulp can also be aseptically added to the juice by a pulp injection unit before finally being packed in a JBT ASEPTIC MONOBLOCK.

Frozen Concentrate Juice

The juice obtained from the extractor and then finished before being sent to the Thermally Accelerated Short Time Evaporator (T.A.S.T.E.) water is removed, resulting in a high quality concentrated juice product. The concentrated juice is then sent to aseptic bulk storage tanks, from which it can blended to a uniform product. After blending, the product is exported into drums, tankers, or aseptic storage bins.

Citrus Pulp

While simple in concept, the pulp recovery/defect removal process can become quite complicated. The level of defect removal depends on the flow and pressure delivered to the cyclone(s), the cyclone configuration and most importantly a constant supply of juice without air entrainment. This in turn typically requires a level-controlled juice source that must deliver the right amount of juice to the cyclone system. Pulp concentration is also dependent on juice flow as well as the finisher configuration and proper paddle rotational speed. JBT's READYGo™ PULP Skid-Mounted Pulp Recovery System reduces the complexity of the process to two simple control points; juice flow rate and finisher paddle speed.

Essential Peel Oils

In typical processing line, the oil-frit emulsion created at the extractor is fed to finisher that separates the oil emulsion from the frit. The oil emulsion is then sent through a centrifuging system in order to separate the essential oils from the emulsion. This essential oil typically constitutes 3 to 5% of the raw material and is used in a range of industries.

Peel Drying System

Waste peel disposal is a cost, as they account for approximately 50% of the raw product. Depending on the size of your citrus processing facility, it may be beneficial to install a peel drying system for the production of animal feed pellets.

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