The so-called “cook room” of today’s canners typically includes a range of sterilization technologies. High-volume products in rigid containers like metal cans or glass jar are pre-dominantly sterilized on continuous systems; batch retorts or automated batch retort systems are typically better suited to handle smaller product batches and to process flexible and semi-rigid containers.

In today’s highly competitive and fast developing market, canners need high performance and flexible pilot equipment to :

- develop thermal processes for new packaging types or materials and new products

- continuously improve and rationalize existing processes and product formulations.

The new generation of JBT FoodTech multi-process pilot sterilizers meets the following requirements :

  • Flexibility : capability to simulate today’s most important sterilization technologies
  • Modular design : allowing the addition of process simulation capabilities at a later
  • Precise control of temperature, pressure and rotation
  • Precise, reproducible execution of pre-programmed process recipes
  • Easy to use, flexible process recipe edition with historical recipe management
  • Flawless storage of all critical process data
  • Upscalability of the results to industrial systems


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