Here are some of the unique features that our innovative SuperAgi™ agitating batch retort concept can offer.

  • A unique concept:

SuperAgi drum 3D

The unique design of the SuperAgi™ brings the following benefits: 

    - Innovative drum design: strength and rigidity with fewer parts. 
    - Process water sprays are mounted inside reel: efficient use of space and superior temperature 
    - Multi-process capability: SWS™ and/or full and partial water immersion.

  • Broad range of holding capacities:

SuperAgi tubes close-up

The SuperAgi™ accepts the same basket and pallet dimensions as JBT FoodTech’s 400 mm SWS™ static retorts. Depending on retort model and container type, one SuperAgi™ can process between 0.5 and 3.5 tonnes of product per batch.

  • Reduced footprint:

By mounting the process water sprays inside the drum, the space available inside the pressure vessel is optimally used. This results in efficient use of available factory space.

  • Low utility consumption:

The drastic reduction of the retort vessel diameter for equal product holding capacity results in a drastic reduction of the compressed air consumption per container processed. SuperAgi’s compact design and reduced weight reel ensure efficient use of steam and cooling water. Direct steam injection and indirect cooling over plate heat exchanger further reduce steam and cooling water consumption.

  • Low and easy maintenance:

SuperAgi drum

SuperAgi™ uses the proven, long-life, robust FMC FoodTech designs used on the previous generation of agitating retorts. Trunnion wheels, drum drive and drum bearing can be adjusted and maintained without removing the drum.

  • Excellent temperature distribution:

By mounting the spray pipes inside the reel, obstructions between process water and food packages are eliminated. Deeper and more process water penetration results in an excellent temperature distribution and reduced process cycle time, also in static mode.

  • High RPM application:

    SuperAgi double

    • Multi-Process capability:

    SuperAgi™ is available in Steam Water Spray™ and/or full or partial water immersion mode. In that way, every package/product combination gets the most economic and gentle process.

    • Innovative water immersion technology:

    SuperAgi™ introduces a number of innovations to water immersion technology that result in superior temperature distribution and cooling water savings.

    • Container flexibility:

    SuperAgi Products

    SuperAgi’s Multi-Process capability gives you the possibility to process all commercially available products and containers in optimum conditions and at lowest possible cost, today and tomorrow….

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