Available from 3 to 10 spindles, SeamTec™ covers speeds from 50 to 1250 cpm and can be hooked up with all fillers available on the market. Available in atmospheric, steaming, under cover gassing and canmaking execution, SeamTec offers a solution for all commonly produced cylindrical cans.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • CE-Compliance
  • Large access panels
  • Sanitary design
  • No-Can-No-Cover
  • One-point-height adjustment
  • Automatic oil lubrication
  • Frequency drive
  • Cover Feed
  • Can counter
  • Rate meter
  • Extended cover feed


  • Wash-in-place
  • Line control
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • On-line seam monitoring
  • Oil recuperation system
  • Tropical execution (temperature probe and self driven fan)
  • Standalone electrical cabinet
  • Yes-can-no-cover detection
  • Driven discharge conveyors
  • Stoody seaming rolls Ceramic bearings
  • Motorized can height adjustment
  • 2nd operation cam quick adjustment
  • Seam monitoring
  • Oil recycling system
  • Single point grease lubrication system for seaming rolls
  • Fully automatic grease lubrication system for seaming rolls

Available executions:

  • Clincher
  • Canmaking
  • Atmospheric
  • Steaming
  • Gassing

Seamer Trade-In Program

If you have an old JBT Seamer, you may be interested in our Trade-In Program.

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