The AF 2000 Imperial and the AF 200 Classic model aseptic fillers provide high production speed, improved reliability from a fully PLC-controlled self diagnostic operational mode, greater versatility by suiting various packing standards with different products,  complete sanitation by  automatic CIP system, aseptic filling chamber which can be opened without losing asepticity, roller conveyors under the dosing and filling platform to eliminate palletizers or similar devices and “steam only” sterilization of the filler heads.

In addition to these advantages, no chemicals or sterile gas are used while profitability is increased by keeping consistent fill weight accuracy and reducing labour cost.


The ABF 2000 model has a patented fill tube using a revolutionary design which eliminates the traditional stem-and-plug configuration.

The fitment with heat sealed aluminium foil lid provides a tamper evident closure and a superior oxygen barrier.

The use of high pressure saturated steam sterilizes the fitment, cap, and exposed portion of the filler prior to each filling cycle. No chemical are required.

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