The advantages

Quality – Impingement freezing is universally acknowledged to deliver a frozen product quality that is every bit the equal of cryogenic freezing – instant freezing that preserves taste, texture and appearance, and that seals in moisture and minimizes drip loss.

Superior product handling – Thanks to the straight belt, your product is frozen completely flat and remains perfectly aligned, with gentle handling and no product transfers.

Hygiene – Hygiene-by-Design™ construction ensures quick turnaround without compromising thorough cleaning. Stainless steel freezing area, with rounded corners and sloped surfaces, eliminates risk of bacteria build-up.

Flexibility – The Flat Product Freezer was originally designed to perfectly fit two 700 mm forming machines. Today, it is the standard configuration for high-volume, high-throughput formed products like hamburger patties. Its modular design makes it easy and quick for you to expand production capacity as your customer demand and business grows.

YIELD – In addition to fast, efficient freezing, the Flat Product Freezer also ensures very low dehydration for hamburger patties (0.4 %, which is better than cryogenic tunnel freezers), delivering a juicier, more tender product to the consumer, and a higher yield to you.

Return on investment – The patented impingement technology offers superior heat transfer and simplicity of construction. Thanks to its high throughput and low downtime, average payback time for a Flat Product Freezer is very quick. After that, its low maintenance overheads mean your freezing operation is generating profit every day.

No changes necessary – If you already operate a cryogenic freezer, replacing it with a Flat Product Freezer is a ‘breeze’. The footprint is practically identical, as is the machine height. No plant modifications are necessary.

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