Citrus Brush Washer

Brush Washer

The JBT Brush Washer cleans the exterior of citrus fruit using a foaming detergent  combined with brushes to remove dirt and debris.  As the fruit contacts the rotating brushes, the fruit  begins to spin; this tumbling effect maximizes the  fruit surface exposed to the cleaning spray and the brush’s scrubbing action. The brush washer is constructed of stainless steel equipped with 27  brushes, 2 intake rollers and 1 discharge roller.

Features of the JBT Brush Washer:

  • Heavy duty, stainless steel construction
  • All chains and drives are fully guarded
  • Fluid coupling mounted to motor to ensure “soft starts”
  • Lubrication system for all brush and roller bearings, as well as all idle and drive shaft bearings
  • All brushes and rollers are supported by self-aligning, sealed ball bearings
  • Oiler to lubricate the drive chain

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