JSO-IV Key Feature & Benefits

The JSO-IV Oven, with patented Jet StreamĀ® impingement airflow and thermal fluid heat insures unparalleled cooking uniformity and high heat transfer rates for maximum production capacity.

JSO IV thermal Fluid heat airflow

Key Processor Benefits:

  • Controlled and contained oven atmosphere
    • Cooler cooking room for improved ergonomics
  • Thermal Fluid Heat Exchangers
    • Less thermal stress on oven box for greater reliability
  • Internal Clean-In-Place System (CIP)
    • Improved cleanability, quicker turnaround times
  • High heat transfer rates
    • Shorter cooking times, for greater production
  • High humidity capabilities
    • Improved product yields, improved profits
  • Consistent product color development for uncoated products
    • Improved product quality
  • Wide range of cooking parameters 
    • Maximizes results for multiple products
  • Modular 22ft. box design 
    • Provides maximum production flexibility
  • Continuous hot water single pass product belt washer
    • Insures product quality and enhances food safety issues

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