Filling is the process of bringing your product in the container you want to commercialize. This container can be made of metal, glass, plastic or cardboard; in this case we talk about paperboard.


There are many kinds of filling. Aseptic filling for example is made under special sterile conditions. Traditional filling doesn’t operate under sterile conditions as the containers are sterilized at the end of the processing. In carbonated beverages, special fillers are designed to inject carbon dioxide in the can. At JBT FoodTech we can offer you a wide range of traditional fillers that can fill anything from peas, to milk, juices, jams and baby food as well. Whether your product is viscous, non-viscous, liquid, solid or semi-solid, JBT FoodTech has the right Filler for you.

Usually, the filling process is carried-out in 3 major phases:

  •  The pre-measure phase:

This step is designed to precisely measure the quantity of product to be filled.

  • The filling phase:

During this step the quantity is transferred to the container.

  • The end of cycle:

This phase realizes the transition to the pre-measure phase; it basically closes the communication with the container and reopens the communication with the product so that the pre-measure phase can take place.

In the Food Industry critical parameters for fillers are their accuracy and the sanitation. Accuracy is important to have the correct volume to be sold, and sanitation ensures the quality of your end product. At JBT FoodTech we realize this and strive to make sure our products have top of the line accuracy and sanitation.

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