Stein T-1 Tempura Batter

The T-1 Series Tempura Batter Applicator is a specialized batter applicator designed for highly leavened and viscous tempura style batters.

Stein T-1 Tempura Batter Applicator

  • The T-1 utilizes a top submerger conveyor system that moves the product through the batter puddle ensuring complete and uniform coating coverage.
  • When used with the Stein TM-3 Tempura Batter Mixer, a precise batter level can be automatically maintained, providing consistent dwell time in the batter puddle. This ensures consistent batter pick up.
  • The patented “Star Roller” discharge effectively transfers product into the fryer minimizing damage to the product surface.
  • The Stein T-1 applies highly leavened, non-pumpable batters.

Key Features:

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Electric or hydraulic drives
  • Single Point adjustable height top submerger conveyor 
  • Adjustable batter blow off tube
  • Patented “Star Roller” discharge

Benefits of the T-1 Tempura Applicator:

  • Gentle batter handling for improved product quality
  • Provides uniform coverage of products with irregular shapes
  • Precise product transfers for consistent flow and quality

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