How does this work?

The Pre-cooker consists of a large stainless steel vessel equipped with one door at each end.
The trays with tuna are loaded into pre-cooking racks. The racks are  manually pushed up to the entrance of the Pre-cooker and automatically loaded into the machine by a drag-chain. At the end of the cycle the racks are automatically unloaded from the Pre-cooker. 
Each lot of fish is pre-cooked in live steam for the period of time appropriate for its size and initial temperature.  
The pre-cooking/cooling process is under vacuum.
The Pre-cooker is automatically controlled by the JBT control system that precisely controls the process. The system relieves the operator from critical delivery functions and ensures a more efficient process.
The Thermal Process Management System incorporates a central host computer in which all the pre-cooking recipes are stored and where all the processing records are achieved. 
Capability to have a network architecture that permits an Internet remote control or a modem remote control.
In both cases the company offers the customer a controller (automation PLC for the pre-cooker), a local panel (used for the manual handling and the cooking and cooling cycle parameter control) and a JBT host (a personal computer on which recipes are processed, diagrams are achieved as well as the historical reports and where real-time process supervision is possible).
In addition, a customer back-up host and customer network and router or customer remote control is offered, for remote supervision of the process by both the customer and JBT that can so offer immediate assistance.

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