With high-temperature pre-sterilization and chemical disinfection both high-acid and low-acid foods can be filled. Examples: fruit purees, tomato sauce, ketchup, creams, mushroom, pesto, flavoured milk, dairy products, teas.

The capability of filling particulates eliminates the cumbersome and labor-intensive installation of hot and cold filling operations for the advantages of aseptic processing. The compact execution is perfectly suited for a fast, plug-‘n-play installation.


Aseptic filling with bag-in-box technologies is currently limited to liquid product applications, due to the small 1" spout aperture. Now by removing the spout from the pouches, the opening size has been increased to fill particulate aseptically as well.


Pouches can be filled in the institutional food service size range between 3 and 10 liters (0.8 - 2.6 gal). The pouch opening is wide (equivalent to 2” spout), thus enabling the filling of products with particulates aseptically at a lower cost for small bags.

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