Laser Labeling System

Laser Labeling System is an innovative and eco-friendly solution by JBT Corporation and Laserfood.

In November 2014, JBT announced a strategic partnership with Laserfood giving them exclusive rights on a global scale to sell their laser labeling technology. The partnership propels JBT to the forefront of a new and exciting field in food labeling.

Laser Labeling System allows the possibility to mark each single piece of fruit and vegetable with individualized information.

All this without affecting whatsoever the commercial life of the product and turning the marking into an added value to the commercial work.

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Laser Labeling Technology

Thanks to the Laser Labeling Technology we can mark individually any piece of agro alimentary product, be it for the traceability control (foodstuff quality demanded by the markets) or to include logos and distinctive marks that differentiate the products, thus obtaining a price increase of the products and a greater profitability.

The innovation lies in the possibility to mark each piece of fruit or vegetable with individualized information. And all this without affecting whatsoever the commercial life of the product, while the mark itself becomes an added value thanks to its commercial contribution.

What sets the Laser Labeling System unit apart from traditional labeling is the customizable, on-the-spot graphic capabilities. The system allows for easy upload and storage of vector graphics, providing the user with maximum flexibility in meeting market requirements.

Integrated into existing pack lines or used off-line, the unalterable laser mark protects brand identity and differentiates your produce from the competition in the retail environment.

Laser Labeling Technology, because it reduces the carbon footprint by 99,9%, has been developed with the support of the European Eco-Innovation Program.


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