JBT SteriTwin-Coil™

For some very special (value added) product types requiring a UHT process at an extremely high temperature (up to 160ºC) has been developed the JBT SteriTwin-Coil™. This is a combined direct and indirect heating system.

JBT SteriTwin | JBT SteridealThe indirect heating system consists of a JBT Sterideal® Coil, a system that has already proved its worth all over the world. In the Sterideal, the greatest proportion (86%) of the energy is regenerated, which makes the Sterideal Coil an extraordinarily effective system – also from the viewpoint of energy efficiency.

In the direct heating system, which is therefore only used at very high temperatures, saturated steam is injected into the milk product, which is preheated in the Sterideal Coil.

The temperature of the milk can then be raised to 152°C and the milk is maintained at that sterilisation temperature for several seconds. Rapid cooling in a flash vessel follows this, in which the water that was injected into the milk in the form of steam is removed again.

The milk is subsequently cooled further by passing it through several heat exchangers and then delivered to the filling machine or an aseptic tank.

The JBT SteriTwin-Coil can process a wide range of products, using direct or indirect heating or combinations of direct and indirect heating for greater flexibility. Capacity: 8500 - 24.000 litres per hour.

JBT SteriTwin-Coil | Food Dairy Systems

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