Over the years, JBT FoodTech has built a wealth of seaming expertise, supported by a large installed base, high-tech lab facilities and world-class engineers. This unmatched expertise has allowed JBT FoodTech to create innovative, cost-effective seaming solutions in can making, aerosols, powders, food, beer, beverages and non-food applications.

Filler-closer group

JBT FoodTech was the first to introduce high speed seamers for the beer and beverage industry, setting new standards in operational efficiency, sanitation and operator safety. The miniseam was first put into production on JBT FoodTech seamers.


Our SeamTec™ family of seamers offer a reliable, easy-to-clean solution that requires less maintenance while providing enhanced operator comfort and safety.

Click here to learn more about the SeamTec™ line of seamers.


The TwinTec™, with its unique two-in-one design, integrates filling and closing on a single monobloc frame.

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Other Seamers:

CX-52 sideX-59 Seamer

We also proudly offer the X-52 Series and the X-59 Series seaming solutions. 

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