Using the JBT C8-A Peeling, Coring and Slicing Unit, maximum yield is achieved because only the skin of the apple is removed. This method offers an advantage over the mechanical peeler, which removes a thick portion of the flesh with the peel. Precise, self-adjusting coring knives also contribute to maximum yield.

Another advantage of JBT C8-A Peeling, Coring and Slicing Unit is that the stainless steel execution ensures a sanitary design with minimum maintenance and high mechanical reliability, while the automated features reduce the need for constant maintenance supervision. Only two attendants per machine are necessary for fruit alignment.

Efficient seed-celling through the use of self adjusting knives practically eliminates the need for seed-carpel inspection and trimming.

On the other hand, the Apple Deaerating System permits users to obtain better quality products because the accurate combination of temperature and vacuum reduces the residence time of product in the kettles. Only one man is needed for loading and unloading. The sanitary execution enables very easy cleaning and guarantees dramatically reduced fermentation.

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