Using the JBT C8 P System, maximum yield is achieved by caustic peeling, which removes only the skin from the fruit. This technique eliminates the peeling away of the flesh, which is a characteristic of live knife techniques. Precise, self adjusting coring knives also contribute to maximum yield.
JBT C8 P System has low operating costs, result from the substantial reduction or complete elimination of the need to pre-size the pears. Self adjusting flights and coring knives used in this system handle practically all sizes of pears, at random, with maximum yields.
Only two attendants are required to check fruit alignment, thereby saving most of the feed labour required with hand-fed knife peelers.
Only the skins are removed, leaving the shape of the fruit in its natural contour. The coring knives also remove unsightly and tough textured stem fibres and seeds, this results in a high quality product.

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