Stein JSO-III Jet Stream® Oven

Leading the full-cooking revolution for nearly a half century, the Stein JSO is the world’s most successful linear high velocity vertical airflow impingement oven. Over 10 million pounds of high quality protein products are cooked daily on these ovens.

Stein JSO-III Jet Stream Oven

Jet Stream® Impingement Technology

  • Patented Jet Stream impingement airflow insures unsurpassed cooking uniformity and excellent color development
  • High velocity vertical jets of hot air impinge the product from top and bottom penetrating the boundary layer of air surrounding the product.
    • This results in extremely high heat transfer rates for the fastest cook times and more pounds per hour than any other convection oven
  • The JSO-III is offered in two configurations.
    • JSO-III DG Direct Gas
    • JSO-III DG Indirect Gas

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