Frigoscandia FRIGoBELT® NOVA - the original self-stacking conveyor gets even better

Why do Frigoscandia FRIGoBELT NOVA conveyors help produce more than half the world's frozen food as well as much of the world's chilled foods?

Here are four good reasons:

Application know-how

JBT FoodTech specifies a belt and drive system that serves your application, process and throughput needs in the best possible way, and we always follow through to ensure that performance matches your expectations. Both now and in the future.

Manufacturing experience

With more than 50 years in the business, 9 000 installs and 2.5 million meters in operation of our world-leading FRIGoBELT – Frigoscandia is now once again taking performance to a new level. Our dedicated team continuously enhances design and manufacturing to ensure you greater reliability and performance.

Superior technology

The Frigoscandia FRIGoBELT NOVA conveyor and FRIGoDRIVE® system are an integral unit, systematically developed and specified to give you the best and most reliable performance on the market. Always consult us about your configuration before you consider making any changes.

Support & Logistics

JBT FoodTech makes long-term commitments to its customers, with extended warranties based on our dedicated professional services and products. We inventory spare parts for 20 years. Within 8 hours, we can dispatch replacement belts and a technician to perform corrective repairs and installation.

* The FRIGoBELT® NOVA conveyor and FRIGoDRIVE® drive system are designed, and manufactured, as an integral part of our GYRoCOMPACT® ovens and freezers.


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