Flexible Tray Loader

The Flexible Tray Loader is a modular automated system for catch weight and fixed weight packs. The line consists of perfectly matching components like the MIS 3000-4000 multitray unit, the AIF 500 directload and the weighing and sorting unit GMI 500 multitray.

Flexible Tray Loader


The portions coming from the GMS 500 are delivered to the meat belt of MIS 3000-4000. They are fed manually or automatically with the AIF 500 autoload into trays. An acceleration belt separates the trays for weighing on the dynamic scale. On weight portions go directly to the packaging machine. Off weight portions are pushed into individual buffer belts for heavies and lights. At the rework station an operator corrects the weight of these trays by exchanging one or two slices.


  • 100% fixed weight packages
  • Flexible application with multiple portions
  • Flexible and combinable
  • Modular, can be extended
  • Excellent product hygiene
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple operation

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