Tubular Heat Exchangers have no moving parts but only static mixing.
They are easy to clean, sterilize and operate and can also guarantee effective cleaning.
Different tube diameters are available depending on the design specification (capacity, speed, thermal cycle, system pressure, etc).
They are extremely adaptable: capable of working with high temperatures for low acid applications as well as with high pressures (up to 150 bar).
Can handle high viscosity products.
Easily disassembled and inspected product tubes and easy maintenance due to the limited  number of gaskets on the product circuit.
Sturdy execution/built-in thermal expansion protection.
The use of expansion joints to absorb the thermal expansion of the pipes during the sterilization and process stages, prevents any risk of tube breaking.
Aseptic 3-way automatic flow diversion valve, to prevent the possibility of non-aseptic product reaching the aseptic packaging equipment. The flow diversion device is designed to allow  sterilization and reliable operation. An example of situations that may cause diversion is low temperature in the hold tube.
Steam barrier flanges on the aseptic cooling section, ensure that the sterilizer can preserve its aseptic status also in case of power cut-out  (the only condition is to maintain steam pressure at the steam barrier).

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