Quick Fiber Device

The JBT Quick Fiber Device is a valuable laboratory apparatus for every citrus juice operation, designed to consistently produce screened pulp and Quick Fiber determinations. The device takes the guesswork out of testing for the amount of pulp particles in juice or testing the relative dryness of finisher pomace.

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Reproducible Results

Reproducibility of results is possible partially because of the construction features of the wire mesh basket. The oval shape permits a rolling action of the pulp that also contributes to uniform sampling for repeatable results. Quiet, vibration-free operation of the device is accomplished by a heavy cast base and a counterbalanced eccentric.

Convenient to Operate

The Quick Fiber Device is convenient to operate. The tray is easy to remove without spilling, even with the basket in place, and the position of the basket in relation to the tray eliminates splashing so full recovery of liquid is possible. The timer, which can be conveniently located on the wall, is the “on” switch for the Quick Fiber Device, and it automatically stops the machine when the predetermined testing time is elapsed. A 40-mesh stainless steel screen is used for Quick Fiber tests. A 20-mesh stainless steel screen is used for Screened Pulp tests.

Weight of the JBT Quick Fiber Device is 86 lbs.

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