Stein MX MicroMax™ Series Centrifugal Filter

Key Operating Features and Processor Benefits

Continuous centrifugal separation of oil and sediment

  • Minimizes buildup of free fatty acid
  • Eliminates product contamination from suspended sediment
  • 50% less free oil in discharged sediment 

Filtered sediment is continuously discharged from the fryer/filter system.

  • Eliminates burning and charring of trapped sediment
    • Minimizes buildup of free fatty acid

    • Extends oil life and improves quality

General Features

  • All Stainless Steel Construction

    • USDA approved materials, CE mark

  • Automatic Clean in Place (CIP) System

    • Reduces sanitation labor

  • Special Infeed Pump

    • Capable of handling hot oil and large particles

  • PLC Controls

    • Monitors performance of pumps for continuous filtration

Processor Benefits

  • Improved oil quality and life
  • Improved product quality
  • Significantly improved fines filtration
  • Reduces oil waste and overall oil usage
  • Improves oil turnover rates
  • Reduces operating costs

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