Sterideal® DT (Dimple Tube)

JBT Sterideal DT (Dimple Tube) patented Heat Exchangers incorporate smooth interruptions on the internal surface to gently agitate product with minimal abrasion and shearing.


Sterideal DT (Dimple Tube) Heat Exchangers are efficient in heating and cooling. Turbulating design facilitates excellent heat transfer with lower product velocity and reduced pressure drop.

  • The patented Sterideal DT (Dimple Tube) design offers enhanced drainage advancements
  • 3-A conforming design insures no residual product or CIP chemicals will remain after cleanup
  • Stable temperature control, energy conservation, prolonged operation, and easy to clean.
  • Turbulating design enhances heat transfer at reduced velocity.
  • Available in double tube, triple tube and tube in shell design for low and high acid products, handling both homogenous and particulate products.

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