Heat Transfer

  • Large surface area of the patented CoolHEAT® Vertical Fin Heat Exchanger delivers the most efficient transfer of heat to the cooking oil. Heat transfer is gentle, resulting in less damage to the cooking oil.
  • High flow rates supply heated thermal fluid to the heat exchanger.
  • With a minimal amount of thermal fluid in the heat exchanger, heat is transferred to the cooking oil faster.
  • Rugged gauge 304 stainless steel construction of heat exchanger virtually eliminates thermal fluid leaks in the fryer.

THERMoFIN® Heat Exchanger, Patented Technology for Stein TFF THERMoFIN® Fryers

The THERMoFIN® heat exchanger debuted in the Stein THERMoFIN® fryer (TFF) in 1993. Five hundred such fryers later, this heat exchanger is still the industry standard with the very first unit still in operation. Approximately 35 million cumulative operational hours later, these heat exchangers have functioned without a single production hour lost due to a failure.

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