Course Contents

Courses can be given in English and Dutch, depending on attendants preference. Day 1 and day 3 can also be provided at your facility at your convenience.

DAY 1 Principles of Thermal Processing

  • Methods of food preservation
  • History of canning
  • Types of containers
    • Metal cans
    • Glass
    • Semi-rigid
    • Flexibles
    • “Exotic” containers
  • Microbiology of thermal processing
  • Sterilization/Pasteurization
  • Shelf life
  • Thermal process calculation
    • Fo-value
    • Po-value
    • Co-value (Cook value)
    • Z-value
    • D-value
  • Spoilage of canned foods
  • Sterilization systems overview
    • Batch
    • Continuous
  • Process establishment
    • Temperature distribution
    • Heat penetration

DAY 2 Hands-on training on Thermal Processing

  • Methods of measuring and measurement equipment
    • On-line
    • Off-line
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Deflection
  • Measurement in different types of containers
  • Temperature distribution test
    • Measurement
    • Data processing
  • Heat penetration test
    • Measurement
    • Data processing

DAY 3 Advanced Thermal Processing

  • Analysis and optimization of temperature distribution
  • Analysis and optimisation of heat penetration
  • Thermal process calculations
    • General method
    • Ball method
    • Numerical Modelling
    • Numerical ™
  • FDA/IFTPS validation requirements
  • Process deviations
  • Sanitation of cooling water

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