Laboratory Procedures for Analysis of Citrus Products

These procedures are intended for our laboratory analysts as well as those in the citrus processing industry as part of our committed technical support and service to our customers. The analytical methods provide the basic quality analyses of citrus products including juice, pulp, and cold-pressed oils. While there are numerous books containing laboratory protocols for citrus products, for our customers, we hope this document will minimize, if not eliminate, the trouble of searching and organizing the needed information.

This edition has retained the essential methods of the original version and has included a few additional methods. The analytical methods described follow the principles of the original standard methods, e.g., AOAC and USDA, and the research papers cited in each method. Methods referenced to research papers are often adopted in our laboratory with modification. Users are encouraged to consult the original papers. The methods presented here are by no means complete. The selection of procedures is based on consideration of analysts who have limited access to modern instrumentation and have to prepare all reagents in-house as well as those with state of the art instrumentation and commercial pre-mixed reagents.

One goal of the revised edition is to present analytical methods in a clear and concise form. The procedures have been rewritten in a new format in an attempt to make it easier to follow the analytical instructions. There are some adaptations of terminology for better global communication. All values are presented in both the metric and the U.S. system of measures and weights when necessary.

The various sections of the manual include discussions of:

  • Sample Preparation and Handling
  • Fruit Character Analysis
  • Juice Reconstitution
  • Juice Analysis
  • Pulp Analysis
  • Oil Analysis of Fruit and By-Products
  • Cold Pressed Oil Analysis
  • Processing Evaluation

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